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This book, "Who Moved My Cheese?", by Spencer Johnson M.D., reads like the key-note address at some would be motivational breakfast for upper management. One that may be trying to advise the execs on how to get the underlings to go along with any company policy that is about to change. One that has the members of the meeting rolling their eyes with boredom and checking their watches to see how much longer they have to go.The entire idea behind this book could be summed up on page 45, in three little sentences. "That's life! Life moves on. And so should we." And that's a good thought. But this short book is neither inspirational nor motivational,a bit corny, and at times I found myself rolling my eyes and looking to see how many more pages I had to go. The are three parts to this 94 page book(many of the pages are illustrations) . The first is 'A Gathering" Friends are having a reunion. They talk about the different directions their lives have gone, and how unpredictable experiences came up that changed and shaped their lives differently then they thought it would be. Then someone says all this talk reminds them of a story and proceeds to tell part 2 "Who Moved My Cheese" Two mice and two tiny people live in a maze. Every day they go out and look for their cheese(cheese, a metaphor for anything that they want it to be). When changes in their secure little world take place, they can either decide to go with the flow, or sit and hope things will change for the better magically.The four characters, have different attitudes about getting things done, with the 2 mice not wasting anytime in finding their "cheese". The two little people on the other hand are not quite that simple, their complex brains get in the way. Will these humans ever see the light? Is is always the right thing to just go with the flow?(I think not!) The third section is a return to the group for a discussion of this very deep story(Yeah right). How did it effect them and what will they take from the story to use in their lives, be it work or personal. They really got much more out of it then I did! further insult our intelligence, there is a "Story Behind The Story". In a foreword by Kenneth Blanchard PH.D., the meaning of the story and the symbolism is all explained to us, just in case we don't get it! This book is like Velveeta..over processed and over priced. If you feel the need to read it, try the library. You can read it in less then an hour, put it back on the shelf and not have to worry about the due date. Well, gotta go. This book made me hungry for a cheese omelette....Laurie
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