Our Values

We believe in honesty and trust

We believe in team work

We believe in our people

We believe in equal opportunity and fairness

We believe that we can always learn and improve


Malik’s has four sales divisions:

1st Division: Stationery and Office Supplies Section:

There are 3 stationery sections:

- Wholesale section operating from 3,000 sqm of warehouse space in Jnah area (dealers catalog)

- Business-2-Business section covering over 1000 corporate accounts (retail catalog)

- Retail section constituting of over 30 branches spread over Lebanon


2nd Division: Business and Copy Center:

We are the largest copy center chain in Lebanon. We offer a complete line of copy and computer services from a simple photocopy to huge poster plotting. We also have other services such as international courier, classified advertising, sworn translation and many others.


3rd Division: Multimedia:

We have a wide variety of multimedia, computer accessories and electronic gadgets.


4th Division: Books Section:

We are the number one Academic and General bookshop in Lebanon, stocking over 100,000 titles, all available on the e-commerce website www.maliks.com, which is updated regularly.

Exclusive agent

We exclusively represent many international brands which are: Erickrause (Europe), Supertite (Spain), Fellowes (USA), Folex (Switzerland), Forever (Germany), Edding (Germany), Legamaster (Germany), IQ Paper/Mondi (Austria), Caretta (Turkey), KW (Taiwan), Data Zone (Taiwan), Snopake (UK), Gabol (Spain), Bindermax (Taiwan) 

Same day delivery.

To ensure fast delivery, we have dedicated 8 vans and 20 motorcycles that operate 6 days a week.


Printing & Copy Center: services@maliks.com

Stationery & Office Supplies: stationery@maliks.com

Books: books@maliks.com

Academic Books: rima@maliks.com

Human Resources: hr@maliks.com

Marketing: marketing@maliks.com

Accounting: accounting@maliks.com

Purchasing: purchasing@maliks.com

Wholesale: wholesale@maliks.com

Customer Service and Complaints: operations@maliks.com

B2B Corporate Divisions: officesupplies@maliks.com

Our Exclusive Brands

About Us

Doculand is the number one printing and copying center in Lebanon and the Region.

Since 1996, Doculand filled a niche in the market whereby it catered to every firm’s professional services needs. It offered distinguished high quality service complimented by the latest high-tech equipment.

With a team of elite, highly trained professionals and five branches that cover Greater Beirut, Doculand became an acclaimed professional business center sought, not only for its high-quality work, but also for its unmatched fast service.

Doculand has always managed to be a step ahead of the market by being available to cater to its customers’ needs 18 hours a day, 7 days a week.

List of Doculand Services:
Copy & Print Services
Engineering Services
Graphic Design & Computer services
Business Services
Finishing Services
General Services
Gift Ideas and Promotional Items
Stationery, Office Supplies and machinery

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